Wireless Switch Remote Control Light Switch and Receiver No Battery No Wiring

  • $14.99

Product Description 

  • 💡BEST PERFORMANCE: Basic wireless switch kit consists of switch and receiver. The remote switch easily remote control the lighting products within 100ft away indoor. Encrypted radio frequency wireless signal can go through 2 walls without interference problems.
  • 💡EASY RELOCATE LIGHT SWITCH: Move or add a lighting switch kit in any location! No more complicated wiring, no more cutting into walls, fast and easy install, time and money saving.
  • 💡MULTI-WIREWAYS SWITCH SYSTEM: A switch can pair with some receivers to accomplish one switch controls several lights, and a receiver can pair with several switches to accomplish three way switch. Small receiver easily fits into wiring boxes like canopy, junction box, electrical box. Place switch on any place you want or use as a portable remote.
  • 💡HARMLESS PC MATERIAL AND WATERPROOF FUNCTION: Self-powered switch without wiring to power or battery. No probability of electricity leakage. Works great in wet environment like bathroom, outdoors. Multi-layers safety protection to eliminate many safety risks.
  • 💡SUITABLE FOR ANY PLACE: Work with home automation. Perfect for bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room, etc. Apply for any lights like halogen, incandescent, CFL, fluorescent, LED light. 3 Years Warranty & Over 20 Years Lifetime.


Cost-saving: Easy to install, save wire, pipes and labor cost  Traditional Switch: Require complex wiring, high material and labor cost

Time-saving: 5 Minutes  Traditional Switch: 3 Hours

Pro-environment: No Battery, No Dust, No Noise → Traditional Switch: Produce lots of dust and construction waste, big noise

Lifetime: Over 200,000 times → Traditional Switch: About 20,000 times

Flexible: Flexible pairing, add switch easily → Traditional Switch: Inconvenient to reform, damage wall

Removable: Portable or stick anywhere you want, easy remove → Traditional Switch: Fixed, difficult to change position