Polished Cobblestone Pebble Tile for Walls, Floors, Garden, Yards (1 box with 6x 4.5''x11'' rectangular pieces)

  • $22.99

Mixed Natural Mosaic Pebble Stone Tile

Each pebble is carefully selected and hand-sorted according to color, size and shape in order to ensure the highest quality pebble tile available. 

The stones are attached to a sturdy mesh backing using non-toxic, environmentally safe glue. 

There are natural river rock tiles in a mixed red, yellow, white, brown, and black colors arranged on a mesh sheet with an interlocking pattern .

They can be installed on driveways, pool decks, decorative floors, shower floors, shower walls, and kitchen back splashes. They are very durable, heat resistant, and water proof. 

Because of the unique pattern in which our tile is created they fit together seamlessly when installed so you can’t tell where one tile ends and the next begins!

Usage:Shower floor, bathroom floor, general flooring, backsplashes, swimming pools, patios, fireplaces and more.  Interior & exterior. Commercial & residential.

Details:Sheet Backing

MeshSheet Dimensions: 4.5” x 11”

Shape: Rectangular Piece

Pebble size: Approx 3/4" to 2 1/2"

Thickness: Approx 1/2"

Finish: Natural Tan

Each bid is for a box consisting 6 sheet of pebble stones, which is around 4sqft.


All of our Asian designed river rock tiles are very durable and high quality. The river rock tiles are perfectly arranged and mounted on a fiberglass mesh sheet. They have an interlocking pattern which makes installation easy by just following the pattern of the tiles. No need to allign grout lines. Each tile is packed with a sheet of film in between each other for easy removal out of the box and install. The tiles are of the highest quality and made by a leading manufactuer. These river rock tiles are natural and will last a life time.