Party Light, Camping Lantern, Rechargeable LED Light & Handheld Flashlight Fishing for phone

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3 in 1 LED Rechargeable Party Disco Light Camping Lantern and Emergency Hand-held Flashlight with USB Port Available in Blue or Gold -Rotating party light projects a beautiful display of colored party lights that project through a crystal disco ball, providing you with the perfect lighting to go with any party. Use as a party disco light to take the party with you, everywhere you go! DJ party light is convenient, great for children, any DJ or party goer, outside festivals and events. You can sit back and watch the colorful light show, or use for dance class, zumba, home parties, to provide a fun disco effect, anywhere, anytime! -Lightweight design makes it the perfect light to carry anywhere, anytime! Great for hiking, camping, fishing, in any dark place. Provides a portable light solution with both lantern lighting, as well as flashlight, which can also be used simultaneously. -Emergency LED Flashlight for power outages, during disasters, storms, earthquakes, etc. Long battery life allows the light to be used for long periods of time! . -Equipped with USB port for charging your portable devices, such as cell phone, when on the go!