Pack 4 Flameless Outdoor LED Candle Set, Battery Operated Plastic Pillar Flickering Candle Light with Timer, 3 x 4", Ivory

  • $19.98

Each LED tea light candle is thoroughly and rigorously tested, 4 inches tall by 3 inches diameter. 

You can enjoy the convenience and safety of the LED flameless candle. 

Give you the feeling of real candles without worrying about dripping,  fires, etc. Products in full compliance with the ROHS and CE standard. 

4H | 8H Timer feature allows you to set freely 

The flameless votive candles with build in 4/8-hour timer, turn on and  off automatically every day. Enjoy candles without the messy wax and  dangerous flames as well as the convenience of the timer. 

Realistic Candle Flame 

Flickers like a real candle. The bulbs are made in LED, which is safe  and energy-efficient. This is perfect for those nights when you want to  relax and de-stress. Give you the feeling of real candles without  worrying about dripping, fume, fires, etc. These environmental friendly  flameless candles are ideal for home, hotel, restaurant, bar, spa and  party decoration.