Mercury Glass 5.5" Battery Operated LED Pumpkin Lights with Timer - Gold

  • $25.29

  People always like to decorate their home with pumpkins in fall since they have long symbolized the coming of both Halloween and Thanksgiving, but none do it more spectacularly than our mercury glass pumpkin light with a vintage crackled finish.
  Silhouettes are modeled after actual pumpkins and naturally reflect room light when off, but become dazzling, lighted spectacles once you illuminate the interior LEDs. 
  • Special Material: Made of mercury glass, this pumpkin light features an antique and crackled-looking appearance, also reflect the room light perfectly.
  • Great mix: The mix of size and shape are inspired by natural pumpkins, this little home decor accent will surely be an excellent focal point in your home.
  • Gorgeous Illumination: 10 LED bulbs inside light up the pumpkin interior and amplify reflective qualities of the glass, gives you a warm glow in the evening.
  • Convenient Usage: Additional 6-hour on/ 18-hour off timer mode, so you won't get bothered by constantly turning the light on and off every night.
  • Long Working-time: Powered by 3 AAA batteries (batteries are not included), the LED working time can be last for up to 240 hours.
Main Features: 
-Antique Look 
-Battery Powered 
-Built-in LED Lights 
-Mercury Glass Material 
-6-Hour On/ 18-Hour Off Timer 
-Home Decor Accents 

What's Included ?: 
1x Mercury Glass Pumpkin Ligh