LED Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb Speaker Color Changing for Apple iPhone, iPad and Android Phones

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LED Bluetooth Smart Color Changing Light Bulb Speaker for Apple iPhone, iPad & Android Phones

Start your fashion life journey with the LED Bluetooth Smart Color Changing Light Bulb Speaker! Use it at home, or take it with you to parties, gatherings, on vacation or at the office. 

Just install the bulb into your favorite lamp or light kit, load the app (from the QR code located on the box), pair your Bluetooth device (mobile phone or tablet), and use your device as a remote to control the light color and song selection on your LED Bluetooth Smart Color Changing Light Bulb Speaker.  You will never leave home without it!

  • Portable and durable
  • LED (approx. 100,000 burn hours)
  • E27 socket is easy to install & compatible to most standard light bulbs
  • It can support a wide range of Bluetooth & wireless audio configuration files
  • Compatible with Bluetooth functioning devices (iPhone & iPad)  
  • The wireless Bluetooth speaker and LED bulb supports a transmission range up to 10 meters
  • The Bluetooth 4.0+ EDR (enhanced data rate), provides purity and definition of specific voice- based DSP technology.

We hope that you will have infinite joy from a myriad of lights and music simultaneously!

Paring Mode Directions: 
1.) First, press power mode on the bulb, click Setting icon on the phone.  Next, open Bluetooth.   Then, search BL_05/SmartBulb for pairing.  Finally, quit Setting after BL_05/SmartBulb is searched, and pairing is done . 
2.) Open APP icon SmartBulb/CHSmartBulb on your mobile phone.  Select Connect for pairing automatically.  Then, Enter to music play interface after successful pairing.  
LED Colored Lights Directions:   
Manual control: Click corresponding color icon to select or change the LED bulb color display. Or enter the Lamp Mode on your APP.  
Upper progress bar: adjusts color light brightness 
Lower progress bar: adjusts white light brightness 
Circle icon: color palette, adjusts to different colors 
Package includes: (1) CRESTAR Smart LED Bulb & (1) Quick start manual. 
Please Note:  Scan APP UR code via browser or on back of bulb packaging.
Bluetooth speaker & LED bulb supports a transmission range up to 10 meters. 

Bluetooth 4.0+ EDR