Hurricane Glass Candle Holder, 12x8x6, Lantern,with Rustic Metal Plate Insert

  • $39.99

Hurricane Glass Candle Holder, 12x8x6, Lantern,with Rustic Metal Plate Insert
  • 80% Glass/10% Wax/10% Metal
  • Imported
  • Includes 1x hurricane glass holder, 1x metal panels, and 1x flameless candle
  • HAMMERED PILLAR GLASS CYLINDER measures approximately 8x6x12" ,Candle sizes:4x5",Requires 2 D batteries, not included
  • Amber LED light,Automatic 4 or 8 hour timer
  • Designed for indoor use,The Candles will last up to 1000 hours and come with premium quality long life batteries
  • Ideal Gift for home decoration,festivities, parties, weddings, aromatherapy and spa settings

Material: Glass, Metal Wax, 
Style: Large Hurricane Glass Candle Holder
Power Source: Battery-powered 
Type of battery: 2 x D (Not included) 
Glass Holder measures approximately 8x6x12”,
Candle sizes:4x5”, Requires 2 D batteries, battery not included 

1. Led Flameless candle with 4&8 hours’ timer lighting. 
2. Improving home atmosphere. 
3. Perfect for home decoration or Christmas decorations, enhance the festive atmosphere, realistic, economical and convenient. Safe: 
No smoke or scent, won't cause any dangerous fire case. 
No mess or dripped, so don't worry about the cleaning. 
It is safe for pregnant Mother, Children and Pets to use. 
Products in full compliance with the ROHS and CE standard. 

How to inserting the batteries? 
1.Open the battery compartment cover by pushing the latch back and removing the cover completely. 
2.Insert 2 x D batteries into the battery compartment according to the polarity indicators inside the compartment. 
3.Close the battery compartment cover by placing the 2 small tabs in the slots and pressing down to secure the latch. 

Package Include: 
1 x Led Flameless Candle 
1 x Hurricane Glass Candle Holder
1 x Rustic Metal Plate
1 x User Manual