7.8" Mercury Glass Pillar LED Candle Holders with Timer- Gold (set of 2)

  • $31.99

● Why should you buy our pillar candle holders? 
It’s always a great idea to decorate your home with light, using candles can be a good choice. But all the candles on the market now are pretty much copied, boring customers by their repetition, that’s why you should get a pair of our illuminated mercury glass pillar candle holder. They make your pillar candles not look basic, also elevate the warmth and illumination in your home, foil the festival atmosphere, or even to highlight any other small decor piece on the top. 

● What’s good about our pillar candle holders? 
This elegant set comes with 2 mercury glass pillar candle holders, the mercury glass material makes these pedestals looks beautiful enough duo its antique look and great light reflection. Once you have them illuminated, these pedestals will become your favorite focal point no matter where you put them, with 8 built-in LED bulbs flickering inside, add extra warm glow with candle lights, or highlight the decor sits on the iron plate platform. An excellent decor as you dining, entertaining, or walking room to room. With 3 fully stored AA batteries, you can have this gorgeous illumination for 260 hours, totally worth the cost. Additional timer function can activate the 6-hour on / 18 hour off mode, help you get rid of constantly turning them on and off. A fantastic traditional home decor accent for wedding, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, also features a trendy appearance when lit. 

● Main Features: 
-Home Decor 
-Mercury Glass 
-Battery Powered 
-Built-in LED light 
-Timer Mode 

● Dimensions: 
-Pedestal Length: 7.87” 
-W-Base: 4.53” 
-W-Top: 4.02” 
-Iron Plate Internal Diameter: 3.43” 

● What’s in the box? 
2 x Illuminated Mercury Glass Pillar Candle Holders (Gold) 

● Tip: 
Glass made products are fragile, please beware with using.