18" Decorative Green Artificial Topiary Tree Plant in Plastic Pot 10LED Lights

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The decorative, green artificial tree plant in a faux ceramic pot is a fun addition to your home or office as a table centerpiece, or accent to your patio or garden. The luscious, pine foliage is layered with lights to brighten any area of your home or office!

  • Each tree is illuminated by a string of 10 miniature LED lights which are battery operated (2 AA batteries, not included), enclosed in a completely waterproof casing at the base of the faux ceramic pot. 
  • Green plants all year long with no watering!


Product Specifications:  
Faux ceramic pot color:  Grey, distressed black.  Material:  Resin
LED light color: White, (10) pieces.  Working waterproof rating: IP44    
Material: Resin, PP  
Dimensions:18" x 6" x 6"
Weight:  12.4 oz