10" Solar Powered Garden Solar Car Head Lights Outdoor Color Changing (Car)

  • $27.98

KANSTAR 10" Solar Powered Color Changing Garden Car Light

If you have a water feature or plan to include some Decor' in your garden landscaping, the frog design of the 10" Solar Powered Color Changing Garden CAR Light is a fun solution.  

This decorative dual light Car is used as an accent lighting feature that compliments the natural tones in your landscape or decking.  Use the white lighting effect or a spectrum of pink, green, blue, red and purple highlights. 

The wireless Car Light is powered by the sun (solar panel) and rechargeable batteries, so there is no electrical wiring required, energy costs or waste! 

Mix the Vintage Car Light with the Solar Powered Color Changing Rock, Green Frog, Tree Trunk, Owl or Cat Light!   

  • Green frog design
  • Add personality to your garden 
  • Solar Panel & rechargeable batteries (included)
  • Save money and energy
  • White or color changing light spectrum 
  • (2) LED lights in each headlight (4 total LED's)
  • Water-resistant
 (Three LED lights cast subtle accent light to your garden, but are not intended to fully light trees or cover large areas.) 
    Frog shell color:  green
    Shell material:  Polyresin
    Color Changing light colors:  white or pink, green, blue, red and purple spectrum.
    Bulb type & number: (2) LED's in each headlight (4 total LED's)
    (No Electrical Wiring required.)
    Power source: solar panels & rechargeable batteries
    Dimensions: 10" x 6" x 6"

    Weight:  1.12 lbs.