Kanstar Hurricane Centerpiece LED Candle Holder, battery operated family holiday candle holder for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Wedding and Party - Bronze

  • $29.99

Jeweled berries, rustic pinecones, leaves and evergreen branches surround a glass hurricane candle base creating an elegant and functional candle holder. Giving the whole environment a peaceful and beautiful harvest Christmas landscape.

  Standing 18 inches tall, it is substantial enough to take center stage on any table. 

  This beautiful hurricane holder is surrounded with warm LED Lights, which is battery operated. Turn down the lights, light a fragrant candle, and enjoy the warmth and beauty of this exquisite piece.

-Candle Holder Support finish: Ceramic

-Lighting Style: LED

-Product Overall Dimension: 16'' x 16'' x 18''

-Candle Container Finish: Glass

-Candle Container Dimension: Diameter 5'' x Height 7''

-Support Height: 11''

-Base Dimension: Diameter 5.5''

Type of battery: 2x C(Not included)